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Visual story of the natural space that we once experienced.

An abstract record of the space-time we inhabit.

Memorias Orgánicas is a project that was born from the observation of the organic elements that surround us, whether in a natural or urban environment. It reveals to us how sometimes, in the search for extraordinary things, we forget to look up and perceive things that already exist. It is not that we're not interested in nature, it's simply that sometimes we take it for granted. As a result of an artistic residency in the City of Oaxaca, Memorias Orgánicas its an exhibition currently running at Toro Galeria that exposes a series of natural elements of the region, recorded during an exploratory mission in the surroundings of the city, and interpreted through visual programming processes.


It describes the importance of the activities involved in the making of each image, ranging from the appreciation of the natural environment, through a process of three-dimensional digitization by photogrammetry and visual programming, culminating in high-fidelity images captured on paper. The whole process highlights the richness that is built around this new way of recognizing our space and expressing our aesthetic appreciations of nature through the digital world, generating evidence of what is within our reach today.

A new way of observing what is alive around us.

Print processes.