Video Art | Virtual Performance | Live Act


[ It is such a complex time to be human ]


HUMANDRAMA is an audiovisual artwork that explores the concept of being a human today, living in between virtual and physical worlds, living in between different realities. It makes a journey through different features that we can now perceive as global emotions. From the appreciation of otherness, the state of limerence, a moment of catharsis and eventually a process of metamorphosis, states that are reflected in us either physically or mentally.


“Dilucidando lo glocal” Art Exhibition by Multipolar | Screening Edition
Mexico City 2022


GRADIENT ASC)(ENT by Silent level | Live Act
Mexico City 2022


XIX Festival Internacional Cervantino Barroco | Live Act
Chiapas, Mexico 2021


PUMPUMYACHKAN by Festival Asimtria 16 | Screening Edition
Cusco, Perú 2021


Visiones Sonoras 16 – Festival Internacional de Música y Nuevas Tecnologías by CMMAS | Screening Edition
Michoacán, Mexico 2020


NODE20 x MUTEK Screenings at NODE Forum for Digital Arts | Virtual Performance
Frankfurt, Germany 2020


Athens Digital Arts Festival | Screening Edition
Athens, Greece 2020

We don't know everything about ourselves, about our space, about our time and yet this game seems to be about to end.


Humans are tired of humans.


We have achieved the ability to build and destroy at the same time. Seeking for perfection, we have reached a breaking point. In order to preserve our sanity, it is time to reformulate the meaning of being a human.

As an abstract interpretation of our context, HUMANDRAMA aims to create images of the new perception of ourselves, the new places we inhabit, the fears and emotions that we share. To be contemplated in a moment of introspection sighting the future that we are already living.

All the human figures used in this work have been obtained by scanning the body and face of the artists (Gaby and Jorge) with the intention of establishing the bases of this statement on a real entity, a figure that may not be perfect but is human.

Video footage by Rulas