Machine Prints

[ It is such a complex time to be human ]


HUMANDRAMA is an audiovisual installation that explores the concept of being a human of today, living in between virtual and physical worlds, living in between different realities. It makes a journey through different features that we can now perceive as global emotions. From the appreciation of otherness, the state of limerence, a moment of catharsis and eventually a process of metamorphosis.

As an abstract interpretation of our context, this artwork aims to create images of the new perception of ourselves, the new places we inhabit, the fears and emotions that we share. To be contemplated in a moment of introspection sighting the future that we are already living.


It is a work that reflects the transitory emotions of the artists. The uniqueness of the project is based on the fact that all the human figures used in it are 3D scans of the artists' faces and bodies in order to visualize these arguments in real entities.

The development of this piece combines 3D manipulation techniques such as scanning, photogrammetry and generative graphics (visual programming) synchronized to sound design (digital modular synthesis).