Data Visualization | Generative Artwork


Generative artwork that bases its behavior according to the reading of a detailed database on the effects of the coronavirus on exchange rates, obtained from the comparative analysis carried out by the FRED Economic Data | St. Louis Fed, a financial and economic data service of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Luois.

CRISIS [ ] is an abstract audiovisual composition with harmonic characteristics in which a series of particle systems lead their behavior according to the comparative activity of the main world currencies during the first part of the year, globally affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. This piece is enchanting itself. It shows beautiful organic movements that delight the eye and the ear, but curiosity is awakened when thinking about the bizarre background that they represent.

The more dynamic and expressive these movements are, the more unstable the values of the currency they represent. It makes a logical relation of the data that is obtained, illustrating the beauty of a «living» algorithm; and at the same time, an ironic contrast between aesthetic perception and social context when glimpsing the reality of those values.