Multimedia Art Studio integrated by artists and designers Gabriela Reyes [Cero Tres] and Jorge Flores [FFAKT] founded at the end of 2018 based in Mexico City.


F3’s artistic practice is a fusion of the aesthetic, social and existential vision of two minds, enthusiasts of abstraction and exploration of the phenomenology of light, form, space and sound.

Their work shows a tendency toward an appreciation of simplicity. Through the observation, study and analysis of basic concepts, they develop and trigger a series of ideas and discourses that lead them to generate their own interpretations expressed in audiovisual compositions that may vary between installations, performances, video, objects and drawings.


They have presented their work both in Mexico and abroad in spaces such as Bahidorá (Mexico | MX), Garden Of Unity (Seoul | KR), XIX Festival Internacional Cervantino Barroco 2021 (Chiapas | MX), PUMPUMYACHKAN Festival Asimtria 16 (Cusco | PE), NODE Forum for Digital Arts 2020 (Frankfurt | DE), Athens Digital Arts Festival 2020 (Atenas | GR), Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico City | MX), Paradise Festival (Cap Cana | DR), Centro Nacional de las Artes (Mexico City | MX), CMD_Festival (Mexico City | MX), Showfields (New York | EU), among others. 


Booking & Contact : HOLA@F3.STUDIO